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Filming has taken place March 13 - 18, 2017 in Basel and Allschwil (see pictures below) and post-production has been completed. Big thanks to my wonderful production team that did an awesome job on our three filming days and in post! It was great to work with the talented guys from Youthmade again. New to the KW films team were DP/editor Philippe Jost and lighting artist Luigi Adinolfi - I'm very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with both of them. This newly assembled team gelled nicely and we hope there will be another chance to do a project together. Also I was fortunate enough that make-up artist Julia Ferber, who complemented the crew perfectly, was available on short notice. Also I was very pleased that Chrigel Bosshard, who already provided the music for "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors", has agreed to lend his talents to this production as well - his score not only complements but enhances this film - it sounded amazing in the cinema. And finally a big shout-out to our catering crew (Ursula Stadelmann and Simone Wüscher) who provided us with delicious food on those long filming days!

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